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One of our security systems in Toronto

Security Systems for Toronto’s Safety

Security alarm system (Burglar alarms)

Security alarm systems are installed to detect and deter unauthorized entry into buildings, homes, warehouses or anywhere unauthorized people may enter.  They consist of an array of detection devices to include motion sensors, door/window position sensors, glass break detectors and many other custom applications.  These systems may also utilize temperature monitoring for building heat, coolers, high water detectors for drainage systems and of course fire detection , there are many other applications as well.  The systems are generally controlled via digital keypads that operate the system and display the areas of protection onsite.  The advances over the years have been quite remarkable going from single zone or loop to hundreds of zones for large complexes and residences.  These systems can automatically arm and disarm at preset times and be operated remotely via telephone networks.  A great number of audible and visual devices can be employed to warn intruders of alarm activation and visual strobe lights to direct authorities to the premises.  Most systems are remotely monitored at approved monitoring centers where authorities are dispatched and owners notified.

Access control systems

Access control has become a standard system in many buildings today due to its ability to lock and unlock buildings on a schedule.  Access control consists of secured doors that can be unlocked using a personal card or fob, that when presented gives the user a preprogrammed amount of time to pass through the door.  These systems are expandable from 1 door to hundreds of doors; all information is stored in a database and can be accessed to find out who passed through what door and at what time.  These systems can also offer different levels of security where access can be denied from an area or on a time schedule.

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

CCTV is the use of video cameras to monitor and record activity by both human and mechanical activity.  This has become very common in many aspects of life and is becoming a widely accepted tool for prosecuting for criminal activity and in labiality issues.  The advances in the last 15 year have been incredible in camera viewing ability, recording methods, and remote access via the internet.  More and more manufactures have entered this area and therefore costs have come down and technology has moved forward at an amazing pace.  It has become financially achievable for small business and home owners to have these systems installed and remotely viewed anywhere internet is available via computer, smart phone or android.  Just think of being on vacation sitting on the beach and check in on your business or home to see what the weather is doing or to monitor any activity.

Security Glass Laminate

Security glass laminates is a micro thin transparent window laminate whcih turns regular glass windows into barriers that can resist the force of a severe blow, small firearms, high impact projectiles and violent weather. Our technicians will apply the laminate to the interior side of the existing glass for maximum glass strength. Our laminate comes with an industry leading limited lifetime warranty. We can apply our laminate to any glass surface in your home or business, be it on patio doors, glass doors and windows or side lights. When you reinforce your glass windows and doors with security laminate you protect lives and property. It is the one-time investment that pays off.