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Specialty Services

Maglock (Electromagnetic Locks)

Maglocks are utilized for both access and egress control in many types of buildings and generally controlled via keypad or access control systems. The maglock installation is strictly enforced and requires a building permit to install these devices due to the ability to lock people in a building. The first requirement is that the building has an Ontario building code complaint fire alarm system so the locks can be released in a confidant consistent manor. There is a complete documentation in the building code as to how these are installed and what the safety requirements are, the procedures are very similar to that of a fire alarm system with building permit, electrical inspection, 3rd party verification and final performance test. In today’s society there is a need for maglocks in both security system applications to keep unauthorized people out of certain places and in extended care facility to keep people within a certain area for their own protection. These systems must be installed by an experienced contractor due to the highly sensitive nature of this locking system and must only be installed under building permit to include municipal acceptance.

Nurse call/door surveillance

These systems are employed mostly in extended care facilities and hospitals for the well being of the residents. Nurse call provides a disabled person the means to call for assistance from care staff and the door surveillance provides security from people either wandering out of or into a care facility. Both these systems are displayed at the nurse station and the nurse must go to the origin of the call to reset the alarm therefore providing supervision and assistance