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Inspection Reports

 Dear Valued Customer,                                                                                                     May 1, 2016

 RE:    Annual Inspection Certificates and Reports/Documents

 When we perform an Annual Inspection and the system passes, we enclose the full report with the invoice.    These documents are very important and should be treated as such.  We find too many clients are calling us and saying that “they cannot find their reports” “they have misplaced the reports” or that the “head office has the documents”.

Sometimes one file can contain up to 50 documents, (fire alarm, sprinklers, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, hoses, kitchen hood) by the time we retrieve all the original information, do scanning for emails, do copying for faxing, do copying for regular mail, our office staff can spend up to 2 hours on one file.  Also the cost of extra paper, cost of extra ink and postage, it all adds up.

Due to the very high demands with clients requesting additional copies of their annual inspection reports either by scanning, emailing, faxing or regular mail, we are finding that the administration for this service is costing us too much in down time.

Effective as of January 1, 2017 we will be charging $90.00 plus tax for additional copies of certificates and reports/documents.

 Please ensure when you receive your original documents in the mail that you keep them in a safe place (like in your fire safety box on site) and for future use, keep records of the buildings life safety systems all together.


 Ski Kather,

Fire Inspection Manager.





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