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May 11, 2020

Toronto Police Service - Alarm Response

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) announced a change to their alarm-response policy. The new policy, first announced by the TPS on April 1, 2015 was scheduled to become effective January 1, 2016, but has been deferred in order to allow additional time to prepare.
Upon implementation, the TPS will no longer respond to burglar alarms unless a private security guard service or eyewitness has visually verified that a break-in has occurred, or that the alarm has been confirmed electronically through audio/video verification or by multiple zone activation.
Beginning February 15, 2016, with the implementation of Enhanced Call Verification, upon receipt of a burglar alarm signal from your premises
• In the event the monitoring station is unable to contact someone at your premises, additional verification attempts will be made using their Emergency Contact List to verify the alarm event.
• Accounts with Guard Response Service: if the monitoring station is still unable to contact anyone by phone, we will dispatch the Guard listed. If it is determined that a crime is in progress or has taken place, the police will then be notified.
In conjunction with the upcoming TPS policy change it will be necessary for you to update your accounts to an Enhanced Call Verification process. Enhanced Call Verification has been identified by Law Enforcement as well as the Security Industry as a proven approach to reduce false alarms.
Please be aware that changes proposed by the TPS do not apply to hold-up or panic alarms, nor will there be any change in fire department response for monitored fire protection. If the monitoring station receives a hold-up or panic alarm signal, or a fire alarm signal from a monitored smoke or heat detector from a premises, the monitoring station will continue to follow its established emergency response provider notification procedures.  Please contact Brett or Jasmine at our office for any further details 416-247-0980.

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